July 5, 2022

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Beauty Trade Shows

The beauty industry is a very vibrant, diverse, and fast developing industry. The days of enhanced living circumstance and pressure from the fast tempo city life of today have indicated a significant increase in women’s responsiveness to taking care of their skin and face. Women these days have spent more money taking care of their body, especially their faces and skin, than ever before. It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that aside from a drugstore, a woman’s dressing table is next to having more bottles and jars.

The “bottles and jars” of cosmetics, perfumes, and other beauty products have been great contributors of the fast development of the beauty industry. Apart from the daily routine cosmetics need, facial or body treatments, salon services, skincare, relevant training classes, development and research, and everything else that equals to making appearance more attractive including surgery, make up the total beauty industry.

The beauty industry’s tycoons come from Europe, Japan, and the United States, and with the strong consumption demands and vast market potential of the industry, more high-end beauty products have been developed creating more branches for various requirements and functions such as whitening, anti-aging, hydrating, sun protecting, and cleansing products and essences. Competition has opened up doors for grand marketing strategies such as beauty trade shows, to market the wide range of beauty products and latest development in the industry.

Beauty trade shows are expected to rocket the beauty industry’s diverse products, as well as attract more consumers, advertise and promote, and build consumer leads and immediate feedback with showcased products that would help improve the industry’s product expansion and innovativeness.

The New York International Beauty Show is one of the biggest beauty trade shows annually held at the city’s Javitz Center, featuring a five-day trade show with the world’s most excellent beauty products, services, and education all in one place, attended by high-status companies such as Redken, Vidal Sassoon, Farouk and Matrix, and others. The beauty trade shows platforms from the industry’s well known salons and names in the beauty industry.

Professional Beauty Autumn is also one of the largest beauty trade shows that provides entrée to the growing spa, salon, tanning, and nails market, and has the highest fraction of salon owner’s attendance, featuring a wide range of the beauty industry’s services such as hair care, beauty treatments, holistic treatments, spa and massage, and the likes

Beauty trade shows partly contribute to the beauty industries exposure positioning them in the global market. Beauty trade shows are estimated to generate more sales and provide additional product exposure for companies to various product markets including consumers, retailers, and dealers.



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