December 6, 2022

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Sources of Venture Capital News

Venture capital is one industry that has been around for the past 60 years or so. However, just like any industry, it continues to evolve and change. Much of its development can be attributed to the internet. Because of it, things are faster and easier. Any updates on venture capital and any venture capital news are readily available to the rest of the world through the internet.

Aside from the internet, there are other sources of venture capital news. Old, traditional sources such as newspapers and magazines continue to provide the necessary updates and information that venture capitalists and entrepreneurs need. These are also good sources of legal updates in the field of venture capital.

But any information that we can find in magazines and newspapers can also be found in the internet. Aside from the printed materials in circulation, they also operate websites where the articles are posted.

Newsletters and emails are also sources of news. Subscription to a specific site sometimes includes subscription to their daily or weekly newsletters. Here service providers help entrepreneurs by providing them with useful articles and practical information. Contributions from business experts and capitalists can also be found in these newsletters.

Discussion groups and forums are also good venues to post updates. Here you are able to exchange ideas and interact with fellow entrepreneurs like you. They can provide you with tips in the different aspects of venture capital, from raising venture capital to drafting of proposals to exit strategies.

Articles on venture capital are not limited to business pages or sites. There are sites which are specifically dedicated to venture capital. These sites post news and provide video streaming as well. News articles are sometimes classified into more specific topics such as buyout news, industry news, fund news and transition news.

This makes it easier for the reader to choose which articles to read. So if you are interested in buyouts only, for example, then you don’t have to go through all articles to find the news that you want. The articles are also arranged by date, also to make it more accessible.

Because the internet is worldwide in scope, these articles can therefore be accessed by practically everyone anywhere, in the same way that we can read news and updates in their countries. This goes to show that venture capital is a worldwide phenomenon. In the US alone, close to $29.9 Billion was used for venture capital investment in 2007.

Also, capitalists are not looking at the US markets only but have considered funding companies and businesses in China, India and other developing countries in Asia. This is good news for these countries with vast manpower resources but limited funding.

Through these articles, you become informed of the latest trends in VC. Last year, the trend was towards early stage investing. It was estimated that 35% of VC investments will go to seed and early stage deals. On the other hand, expansion-stage funding decreased.

There are some really good websites which provide venture capital news and more. Aside from news, they also provide listings of venture capital firms and the companies that they helped fund.

Find these websites and bookmark them. For young entrepreneurs, these sites are useful for them to know more about venture capital.



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