December 6, 2022

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Yoga Booty Ballet

There has been an endless quest searching for the best solution to lose the fats and get rid of calories. It has also brought countless frustrations to many because they want to see the aftermath of their efforts in just a blink of an eye or snap of a finger. They forgot to realize that it has to be a process and that change does not happen overnight. This has also caused medical surgeries to flourish but, there is none much better than doing it the natural way.

Introducing the all new Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB), a dynamic fusion of three dances that will make you feel strong, confident and beautiful. This has been tried and tested by Hollywood celebrities such as Kristina Wagner of General Hospital and Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills. The unique program was created by two of United States’ top fitness experts, Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough. It does not only put you in perfect shape but also become the best that you can be.

Dubbed as the “workout for the millennium”, Yoga Booty Ballet is an interesting manner to obtain swerve and sweat it up. It engages the mind and lightens the spirit as you practice the new- school Hatha Yoga style combined with cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, weight training, alignment, balance and breathing techniques.

Yoga Booty Ballet will also help create those long lean muscles of a dancer while promoting coordination, stamina, focus and self- esteem. Total length of YBB is 42 minutes and can be done in individual sections or all in one calisthenics.

Here are the different tools and mediums of Yoga Booty Ballet:
* Beginner (The Rehearsal & Guided Meditation)- Marloth and McDonough cover signature YBB moves and guide you through meditation as well as the poses.
* Total Toning Basics- This is perfect for all levels. An uplifting full- body exercise that mixes modern dance, ballet and yoga.
* Advanced Fat Burning- Takes your workout to the next level with more advanced dance, ballet movements and yoga meditations.
* The Goddess Guide- Contains special tips and workout schedule to achieve the most of YBB. It also has a progress tracker and diet nutrition plan to ensure the best possible results.
* Beachbody Squishy Ball- This adds resistance to objective areas to efficiently sculpt and define your abdomen and thighs.
* Dancer’s 7-Day Diet- It is also an exercise manual that will assist you to drop 7 pounds in your first week of starting Yoga Booty Ballet.

In anything that we must do, there should be an in- depth purpose in order to be successful. Yoga Booty Ballet is just another alternative that will not solely produce a good appearance from the outside but most importantly, from the inside- for that is where real beauty lies.



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